Web oficial de la Feria de Albacete 2012

Dear People from Albacete,

It is a real pleasure to me and a great privilege to be able to address you, my first time as Mayor of Albacete, and join you in your happiness due to our adored and expected Fair, declared as of International Tourist Interest.

The Fair is without a doubt the best town showcase and an excellent advertisement for Albacete, this is why, for the Local Government Team we are working nonstop to take the most of the great tourist potential that our Fair has, with the aim of projecting the image of our town internationally and invigorating Albacete’s economy.

In my first Fair as the Mayor, I want to thank you for giving me the immense present of living these festive days intensively, unforgettably and emotively.

A quality Fair, created for all ages and all tastes that one more year will be the nerve centre and motor of Albacete form the 7th to the 17th of September.

The Fair of Albacete is a fair of all and for all, and because of that I encourage you to enjoy responsibly each and every of the activities that we have prepared with quite a lot of love and affection, from the Council of Albacete, in different parts of our town, day and night.

Among them, I invite you to participate in those which are the should and heart of the Fair of Albacete, like the Parade and Opening of the Puerta de Hierros, our Patron Saint Flowers Offering, la Virgen de los Llanos, to whom I pray for health and work for my neighbours every day, as well as the Mass in the Fairground, our prestigious Bullfighting Fair, that so many great afternoons give us to all followers.

I am sure that one more year you will be the perfect hosts of the town and of our Fair for all those who visit us during these days, showing our hospitality and kindness typical from us, people from Albacete, so that the Fair of Albacete goes on being a national and international reference.

I send you warm regards and wish you the best for this Fair, convinced that, once again, it will be a success.

Long life the Fair of Albacete!

Long life the Virgin of los Llanos!


Manuel Serrano López

Mayor of Albacete

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